Tax Preparation and Compliance


Today’s tax laws are complex and constantly changing. Preparing your own income taxes can be confusing, even if your return is relatively simple. It is easy to overlook deductions and credits to which you may be entitled.


We take a personalized approach to individual tax preparation that only an experienced tax professional can provide. Our goal is to make the tax preparation process as easy as possible and to save you the most money possible. We take into account any life changes and how they might impact your return, and look for issues that may be red flags for the IRS. We also provide tax planning strategies to Identify potential deductions in an effort to limit your tax liability for next year.


As a CPA firm, we keep up-to-date with changing tax laws and adhere to ethical standards and codes of professional conduct established by governmental bodies and peer organizations. Working with a tax professional will help ensure that you are maximizing your deductions and minimizing taxes paid while fully complying with federal, state and local tax laws.


When it comes to preparing business taxes, even the most sophisticated tax software cannot compare to working with an experienced tax professional. Our firm is committed to reducing your company’s federal, state and local tax liabilities and maximizing profits so your business can continue to grow and prosper.


We understand the tax and compliance realities surrounding each type of business entity, and specialize in tax preparation for S-Corporations, C-Corporation, partnerships and sole proprietorships. We also know that a heavy tax burden can negatively impact a business’s cash flow. Our goal is to make sure you take advantage of all eligible deductions in order to free up capital that you can re-invest or use to take advantage of future business opportunities.


We can also review your bookkeeping process and help you establish a reliable system to better organize your finances and improve the accuracy and efficiency of your reporting – not just at tax time, but all year long.


Nonprofit entities need a dedicated tax partner that has extensive experience with tax-exempt organizations. To assist with the unique tax compliance needs of nonprofit organizations, we provide specialized services aimed at helping tax-exempt entities successfully navigate the evolving operational and regulatory environment


We understand that your IRS Form 990, or 990PF if you're a private foundation, is more than just a tax return: it supports your mission and outlines what your organization has accomplished during the year. Accurate filing of Form 990/990PF and compliance with other financial rules is not only essential to maintaining your nonprofit status, but it is central to attracting future donors and grantors.


Forms 990/990PF are just one of many tax-related issues that a nonprofit entity may need to address. Our firm will apply best practices and extensive knowledge of the tax-exempt landscape to help your organization handle the full spectrum of applicable tax issues, including Form 990T and Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT).


Safeguarding assets and fulfilling your philanthropic goals can be challenging in the face of ever-changing rules and regulations. To support you and your family in achieving your wealth preservation objectives, we offer a wide range of services designed to assist with the financial management and administration of estates and trusts. This includes working with executors and trustees to prepare the necessary estate and trust tax returns and advise clients on numerous related income tax matters. 


Our firm has extensive experience with tax issues in the fiduciary area, including probate estates, simple and complex trusts, charitable remainder and lead annuity trusts, and understand the interaction of these planning vehicles with the individual tax returns of grantors and beneficiaries.


With our deep understanding of the federal and state estate and inheritance laws and related probate procedures, we assist executors, estate attorneys and other advisors through federal and state estate tax return filing requirements, including preparing estate and gift tax returns.